The Blue Mission

The Blue Mission

OCTOBER 1, 2023 TO JANUARY 31, 2024

Our Blue Mission Project is an international volunteer project that promotes volunteerism to support healthcare development within Ghanaian communities. By providing public health projects and promoting health education in Ghanaian communities, the project aims to increase access to basic healthcare for those living in rural areas, reduce the prevalence of treatable diseases, and improve the overall health of the public.

Proffer Aid mobilizes volunteers to assist in healthcare delivery services in communities in Ghana through mobile clinics, hospitals, and community outreach programs. In many of the communities we work in, we also provide basic healthcare services and raise awareness of critical healthcare issues and diseases. This empowers local communities, improve quality of life, and open an avenue for preventing and treating illnesses and conditions.

As an example of how we work towards this mission, one of the goals of our community health outreach is to encourage women to take up breast cancer and cervical cancer screening regularly. We provide free general health screening, including breast cancer education and screening, cervical cancer education and screening, and other health issues.

Volunteers’ daily tasks help move us closer to achieving the goal of sharing insights about medicine and how it is practiced internationally. As we move closer to accomplishing this goal, we take valuable strides towards realizing our project and organization missions.

Project Details

Multiple medical clinics will be held in the city of Accra and villages in the Ashanti, Volta, Eastern, and Central Regions. Additional clinics might be held in the Northern region. During clinics, team members will be assigned to registration, triage, consultation, pharmacy, and technical support. When necessary, members will be asked to assist with minor procedures such as incision and drainage, wound debridement, joint injections, etc.

Flexibility is important as team members will be pulled to assist with various stations. Mobile clinics will target chronic pain syndrome, infectious diseases such as malaria, helminth-borne infections, breast cancer, cervical cancer, health education etc.


  • Full hosted experience in Ghana with impact-driven projects in communities in Ghana.
  • Ages 17+
  • Program Fees: $600 for 3 weeks
  • Select your own month.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Includes airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals, and 24/7 in-country support.
  • Accommodation in a dormitory-style volunteer house or with host families
  • Visit rural communities with a roving health campaign. Projects based in rural villages and townships within the Greater Accra Region, Central Region, Volta Region, and Ashanti Region.
  • Connect with participants from around the world and actively contribute to the UN SDGs.
  • Learn about different cultures and traditions and try a variety of local cuisines.
  • Assist with women’s and child health projects and health awareness initiatives.
  • Become a global citizen as you better understand local and international issues around community development.
  • Explore mountain ranges, relax on beaches, and visit historical monuments that are over four centuries old.
  • No medical training required, but expertise welcome.