Frequently Asked Questions

Check through our frequently asked questions in case of any inquiries and if not satisfied please do send us a mail for further explanations.

Who is allowed to be a member of P.A.I.F ?
All members of the public without any criminal conviction(s) can be a member of P.A.I.F. irrespective of race, Religion,professional status or geographical locations. P.A.I.F allows membership also to minors from the age of 14 years however express consentual agreement is rquired from parents,guardian or any legal authority of such minor.
What projects do P.A.I.F emback on?
P.A.I.F main area of focus are communtiy health projects, Health services Education and Management.
What geographical locations are your area of interest?
Presently P.A.I.F focuses on rural african communities where basic health services are in acute deficiencies, in-efficient and mal-managed.
Can an ordinary person without any medical expertise be a member of P.A.I.F?
Yes! P.A.I.F accepts members without any professional medical background, all that is needed is for members to geniunely and passionately have interest in social contribution to P.A.I.F’s mandate to contribute to community health and other areas of interest.
What role do volunteers play in P.A.I.F?
Volunteers could either be members and/or non members who comes in as resources persons for major projects in different capacities (e.g) Doctors,pharmacists,drivers,technicians,managers,nurses e.t.c. Volunteers gives out there professional expertise and services free of charge, however P.A.I.F goes the extra length of providing the best of working environment for optimum delivery.
Around what time of the year do your normally run your special projects?
Projects have no specific time of schedule, but our projects involving international team from Europe and other parts of the world are most times planned towards the summer when most of the resource professional are often off-duty are therefore available to offer their services. All logistics are strictly arranged in maximumly mutual agreement with all members of our team.
How can I donate to P.A.I.F?
Firstly P.A.I.F receives not just financial donations, medical equipments, pharmaceutical and all relevant technical donations are highly encouraged. Donors are encourage to contact us incase of inquiries to know areas of needs and how such donations can be made. Financial donations can be made through donation portals, for special financial contacts can be made directly to P.A.I.F for all inquiries and any other arrangements.
Can I donate medical equipments or other necessary materials apart from finance?
Yes! Medical equipments, hospital beds & mattresses, pharmaceuticals e.t.c P.A.I.F coordinate such materials to communities where they are in serious demand most times in conjunction with relevant government agencies. P.A.I.F keeps detailed record of these donations and submit a performance report if demanded by donors.
Can I come aboard your projects on my own time and terms?
Yes! P.A.I.F accepts professionals to come on their time and terms such arrival date and accommodation arrangements. However all medical working terms have to be within international recognized norms.
What medical Expertise is allow to be part of P.A.I.F?
All medical Expertise are welcome by P.A.I.F however areas of needs varies with different projects base on geographical locations.

Italian Headquarter

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Address: Via Persereano 1/6 loc. Merlana
33050 Trivignano Udinese (UD) Italy

Phone: 0039 3475809685

Business Hours: 8a–6:30p M-F, 9a–2p S-S

Ghana Office

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Address: Legon, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 244 098 345

Business Hours: 8a–6:30p M-F, 9a–2p S-S